How To Deliver Better SEO Campaigns

The positive effect and return on investment that good SEO can provide is no secret. Millions of businesses have been able to achieve amazing success thanks to well-timed and executed SEO marketing campaigns. Digital marketing continues to give commercial internet users the opportunity to connect with billions of daily users. And as the technology develops, the tools available to us all for marketing and promotion are becoming ever more powerful.

Looking at it from a partial point of view, internet marketing is done for revenue generation. And yes, increase in sales revenue is generally the final result, and the most tangible outcome obtained from a successful marketing online. However, good SEO campaigns can help us to achieve so much more than sales.

This article looks at the benefits of SEO by suggesting specific ways to improve your own SEO campaigns so they deliver better, measurable results.


Keywords are essential devices used to make sure the search bots notice our content. Choosing the right keyword phrases will have a direct influence on how successfully your website climbs up the rankings. The right keywords are those that are most often used by your target demographic to find the products and services you are selling. Good keywords help you to build brand recognition and the right combination will align you with your competition and your target audience. Remember that over-stuffing of keywords is never a good idea, and can result in your website/business being penalised by the search engine.The measurable results here are hits to your website, visits to your website, unique page visits, bounce rate, visit duration, and your ranking on search engines.


Back-links continue to be a prickly subject in some quarters. Google’s recent updates are making it much harder for the spammers who once flooded the internet with badly written spam disguised as article marketing. And rightly so! As a consequence, many people believe the age of the article is dead. We disagree. There is still much to be gained from sharing news articles, PR, blogs, and content. However, there is no doubt that sharing well written content, which contains back-links to your website, is one of the most powerful SEO tactics.

Avoid automated back-links or link generators, these will back fire and bring your ranking down, or you could be removed from search engines altogether. Don’t forget to add the right keywords and authorship to all your articles with back-links. The measurable results are click-through rates, click-through figures, hits to your website, visits to your website, unique page visits, bounce rate, visit duration, and your ranking on search engines.

Be your brand

Your brand identity is far more than your logo, and the colours you choose on your website. It represents every facet of your business and how you present all these aspects to your customers. Every part of your content and SEO activity should reflect your brand. This gives your company a ‘voice’ and a ‘personality’ that will be memorable to users and make an impact on them. Think about strong brands that have succeed online and look at how they incorporate their brand image in every part of their content and communications. Spend time developing your own unique style, personality, and traits. These will all work together to become your business brand. Once you have this, it will directly influence all the content you create and all your SEO marketing activities too. Measurable results for a strong brand will be click-through rates, click-through figures, hits to your website, visits to your website, unique page visits, bounce rate, visit duration, and your ranking on search engines. In addition you will see measurable results from enquiries, and sales.

Check your own SEO tactics now, have a look at your own metrics and start planning how you can make improvements.

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How YOU Can Earn $100 an Hour Working Online in 2014 (Doing What You LOVE For a Living) By Alexa Ross

I’m going to share with you a simple “success” secret that can change your life.

It’s not something that you haven’t heard 1000 times in the past. But for whatever reason, the chances are, if you are reading this article right now, you haven’t yet acted on it.

There is something in this world that you love. Something you do uniquely well. Something that you would probably do for free, simply because it feels like your natural “home” and the idea of getting paid for it almost sounds too good to be true.

You have a GIFT that you could share with the world, and quite literally… turn your sense of PASSION and purpose for what you love into an amazing living.

The simple step to take between loving something and being good at something and then turning that “something” into a successful career?

You can become a coach. You can teach, train, mentor, and help people who would LOVE to know what you know.

Did you realize that the average life coach, according to independent studies done in the last few years, earns about $160 per hour?

Or that the average specialty coach earns significantly more?

A specialty coach is simply defined as anybody off the standardized “life coach” style offers.

For example, business coaches have the highest average earnings of ANY work from home entrepreneur, with some published studies reporting that the top 25% of business coaches have on average 5 paying clients, and earn over $300 per hour.

I have clients who are in the psychic and spiritual niche, who earn MORE than the top paying business coaches, and often have waiting lists that exceed 3 months for appointments.

I know credit coaches, cooking coaches, addiction coaches, divorce coaches, wedding coaches and just about every possible permutation you can imagine.

The second key is simply to turn your CONTENT, into a curriculum, and package it in such a way as you can deliver maximum value to multiple people simultaneously. Or, said differently, take what you know and love and either write about it, or organize it in such a way as you can deliver a lot of value to a to a small group at an affordable price.

For example, it’s MUCH easier to get 20 people to pay $100 for a 90 minute teleseminar every week, than it is to get 1 person to pay you $2000 for one 90 minute session.

Do just one of these per week, and even if it takes you 20 hours to prepare 1 90 minute teleseminar and generate a list of folks who will be interested in signing up, you are already earning $100 per hour.

You can coach on the phone, via skye, via email, or even via live text chat… as I do every day!

The bottom line?

If you can create content, and you use that content to build a community and you can convert a small percentage of that community into clients, YOU can coach. That’s all there is too it – no gimmicks, no gadgets and no gurus required.

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Learning The Art Of Successful Domino Migration

In the modern age, email communication has become an integral part of an organization’s business model, sometimes unable to function effectively without it. It has also become important from a legal and compliance standpoint of a company. The most popular email collaboration software that is used in the world of business is IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, both almost equally divided amongst the business community. It is hard to determine which is better than the other, as both have their own flaws and strengths. The decision to adopt an email server will ultimately rest on an organizations communication preferences and requirements from a compliance standpoint.

In some cases, organizations may require to migrate from their existing mail server to another. An old server can prove to be quite a costly affair for a company and no matter what server you are using, there may come a time when migration becomes imperative. Switching email servers is not a decision that can be taken lightly. There are several reasons why an organization might choose to migrate from one email platform to another, which could be related to technological advancements, cost effectiveness, functionality, compliance policies etc. Before performing any actual migration, you will need to ensure that you set a proper planning strategy in order to ensure seamless migration without any potential business impact, a problem that has been known to plague organizations before.

Let’s take an example of an IBM Domino server migration to an Exchange server. For any organization, it is quite an arduous task to migrate from the complete Domino system to the Exchange system at the same time. As always, the first and foremost step before undertaking any system migration is to completely back up the current system. In case anything goes awry, you will always be able to go back to your original settings without losing any of your important data. You will then need to prepare the new server onto which you are planning your migration process, as per your company policies and regulations. Following which, it becomes important to set up coexistence between the two email systems, until all the users in the organization have migrated from Domino to Exchange seamlessly. You will need to synchronize most of the data between the two systems in co-existence like calendars, address books, contacts, directories etc and finally you can migrate from the Domino user mail box to Exchange.

The key is to remember to plan meticulously for the migration and have a good backup and execution strategy, failing which you could lose important company data. The primary goal of Domino migration or any email migration is to encourage a clear and planned approach that has covered issues like security, migration costs, timelines involved and business impact. A meticulous migration plan will help companies that are planning to migrate from their older servers to newer ones.

Today, many companies are exploring Domino migrations to cloud-based services because of its cost effectiveness, high accessibility from anytime and anywhere, multi-device adaptability and increasing scalability, thus growing productivity within an organization.

For more information, you can follow the link provided below:

Domino Migration

Cloud Printing – Basics And Benefits Of This Latest Technology

Before we read about cloud printing, it is essential to know what exactly is cloud computing. Cloud computing technology enables its users to work independently on computing resources that are available or accessible from a specific location or from a specific device. Computer resource from a centralized location provides accessibility to remote computers at different locations using internet connectivity. Service provides like Google, Apple and Microsoft use centralized resources to store the data of its users which can be accessed by any device with internet connectivity. Cloud computing therefore helps users to access their data from any location at any time.

Cloud printing follows the same concept and enables printing through the web. If a computer or any device has access to internet, it can send print jobs to a printer, irrespective of the location of the printer. The advantage of cloud printing is that it eliminates the need to install print drivers or to check the compatibility of the device with the printer. Cloud already has readily installed drivers required for all printers that are linked with the cloud. Printers that are cloud enabled are able to directly connect to the internet without having any specific set up from a personal computer.

For cloud printing to be enabled, a user has to register the printers to avail this service that allows the servers located at the end of the service provider to send the printing job directly to the printers. It is also possible to make classic printers cloud ready, by connecting it to an internet enabled computer in which a software connector has been already installed. It is this software connector that helps the printer to connect to the cloud. Cloud providers and cloud enabled printer manufacturer’s work in the printing industry.

The providers of cloud printing maintain several servers or resources to route request for printing from a user’s end to printing enabled printers. The requests may be either redirected to the printer immediately by the service provider or depending on the preference of the user. ‘Google Cloud Print’, ‘HP Mag Cloud’ and ‘eprint’, ‘PrintMe’ from Xerox, DTP systems etc are some of the major players in the cloud printing service provider’s field.

Cloud printing is becoming more and more user-friendly by the day with service providers offering options like uploading or mailing content matter to an Email ID (provided by ‘PrintMe’) where users can enter ‘PrintMe’ in order to print the emailed content. Another facility provided by ‘Google Print’ is a printing service via chrome extension through Google account to both classic printers and cloud enabled printers.

Users have the advantage of getting a printout without depending on any device for data storage or bothering about the printer drivers available and operating system compatibility or without even switching on their personal computers. It is also possible for users to get printable versions of the required content and merchants can commercialize their content without depending on any infrastructure for printing being installed at their site. Eco-friendliness and drastic reduction in printing paper wastage is another advantage of cloud printing.

For more interesting information, you can visit the following URL:

cloud printing services.